Ferrari Windows 7 Theme




Decorate your Windows 7 desktop with Ferrari cars


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Ferrari Windows 7 Theme allows you to decorate your desktop with the colors of the Prancing Horse and enjoy amazing and stunning Ferrari car models as dynamic backgrounds.

The windows will turn into a red style, the characteristic color of the Italian scuderia.

Of course, we'll see a lot of models of Ferrari in our screen: Ferrari California, F430, F458, Ferrari Scaglietti,... Each Ferrari model has its history and people usually loves all of them. If having a Ferrari is a dream for a lot of people, imagine yourself having a good number of them in your desktop.

If you like racing, cars and Ferrari, Ferrari Windows 7 Theme is perfect for your PC.

If you are not using Windows 7, don't worry, you can extract the wallpapers from the theme and use them as usual. The wallpapers are stored in the folder called DesktopBackground.